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The Labor Movement Never Stands by When Workers Are Mistreated, Says Trumka

The Labor Movement Never Stands by When Workers Are Mistreated, Says Trumka

When AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka thinks about immigration, he thinks about boats."I think about boats coming to America long ago, filled with hopeful workers in search of a better life," wrote Trumka in a message to working families supporters.

And I think about what those boats would look like now. They’d be turned in the other direction, deporting those hopeful workers and separating our families. Because America doesn’t welcome her children now—our broken patchwork of policies turns them away.

Too many families have been separated because of our nation’s broken immigration system, said Trumka. Tragically, this heartbreak happens every day because Congress has failed to act on a commonsense immigration process.

Well the crisis on our worksites and in our communities can’t wait any longer. It is downright silly to hold out hope that House Republicans will suddenly rediscover their hearts and realize it’s important to have a values-based immigration system.

As the AFL-CIO laid out in a memorandum to the Department of Homeland Security, the executive branch must provide all of these affected workers with affirmative status and work authorization. Trumka said, "I’ve told the president, this is the right thing to do. Every possible step that could be taken should be taken with great urgency."

Trumka continued:

This campaign has been a major focus of our federation because the labor movement never stands by when workers are mistreated. We don’t stand by when immigrant workers aren’t paid fair wages on the construction site, or when employers use shady tactics to fire hotel workers based on their immigration status when they stand up for their rights. And when we know there are jobs on the table, like the 800,000 new jobs that would be created by immigration reform, we fight like hell for every single one.

That’s what immigration is about. It’s about work. About being paid fairly and bringing it home to support your family. About making a better life. And about knowing that if you can just work hard at a good job, your life will be better. 

Please sign the petition to ask President Barack Obama to extend administrative relief to the 11 million aspiring Americans:


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Election Results of OPEIU Local 2 Officers

Secret Ballots Counted Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 For Fifteen (15) Executive Board Members: 

Esther Brockert           137 Votes

Michelle Forrester       146      “

Brenda Jones              121      “

George Kapanoske    133      “

Audrey King                 157      “

Kim Lockhart               143      “

Hugo Danny Lopez     135      “

Sheila Marion              138      “

Terri McDade              132      “

  Rose Meushaw           130      “

Marcia Reid                 131      “

Robert Reid                 124      “

Len Shindel                  129      “

Caniesha Washington 135      “

Lou Wolf                       160      “

  Rema Gibson               114      “

Ward Morrow               108      “

Kim Ross-Tucker        103      “ 

For Eight (8) Delegates to the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO:

Linda Bridges

Ruby Coley

Dan Dyer

Brenda Jones

Eric Starin

Ian Stublaric

Bruce Wolf

Michelle Wyvill



What Are You Willing to Do to Make Your Job Better?

We are all workers.

Jess Kutch, founder of, a group that helps workers come together to make their workplaces better, gave a very powerful speech at the recent RootsCamp conference (check out the video in the post).

"As workers, we have a collective responsibility to make our jobs as good as they can possibly be, not just for ourselves and our co-workers, but for those who will fill these jobs after us," said Kutch.



Thank you to all of those who participated in the OPEIU Local 2/AFGE community service activity.

During the months of September and October we collected food and toiletry items for  Food & Friends.

This organization began in 1988 and specializes in preparing and delivering meals for men, women and

children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses; as well as, provides nutrition

counseling for its clients in the D.C. metro area and surrounding communities.


 With your help we collected 298 items weighing in at nearly 100 pounds! A special thank you to our donators:

OPEIU Local 2 members at AFGE: Marilyn Park, Keturah Raabe, Michelle Travis, Caniesha Washington ,

Jorae Williams, Sydney Glass, Chelsea Bland and her mom Deborah; AFGE Women and Fair Practices

 National Vice President Augusta Thomas, AFGE Public Policy Director Jacque Simon, OPEIU Local 2

member at the National Labor College Christopher Levy, OPEIU Local 2 Organizer Lou Wolf.

Also, a ‘you rock’ goes out to Caniesha for helping to short the donations, Tim Kauffman for helping load

them in my car and OPEIU Local 2 member Danny Lopez for bringing over 4 boxes of donations from the

OPEIU members at the Bakery and Confectionery Trust Funds. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone!


 Stay tuned for our next service activity!


Chelsea Bland – Community Service Organizer

Local 2 members at Kaiser Permanente shops in Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia

collected donations of foodstuffs for the displaced and unemployed workers in our area. 

With the support of the Metropolitan AFL-CIO community Services Agency, Local 2 members collected goods for the Build A Meal Thanksgiving food drive.

The need for good food and household supplies continues this holiday season and throughout the year. 

Please consider an event in your shop with the support of our Metropolitan AFL-CIO Community Services Agency.

For info please contact:

Ms. KathyMcKirtchy  202-974-8221




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